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Audio/Data-CD-Creator (ADC)
Audio/Data-Cd-Creator is a set of WPS classes for easy creation of audio and data CDs. Burn CDs entirely via drag'n'drop by using the power of the WPS. It's released under the terms of the GPL (General Public License) so full source is available.
DWindows (dwindows)
Dynamic Windows is an application framework that was designed to make it easy to create dynamic applications with a modern interface. It was modeled after the GTK library on Unix. It uses the concept of box packing to create a dynamically resizable interface.
Everblue (evb)
Everblue XLib-PM Layer
HandyFTP (hftp)
HandyFTP is an Internet FTP and FXP file transfer application for OS/2 PM, Win32 and Linux/Unix.
Multimedia Extensions (mmext)
Bugtracker for Multimedia Extensions (also known as cw-multimedia classes).
NEPMD (nepmd)
Netlabs EPM Distribution
Odin (odin)
Run your Win32 applications on OS/2 with Odin.
PHP (php)
PHP for OS/2 port (VisualAge)
Test project (TEST)
Use this project to play around with creating bugs if you are new to xTracker. Here you can create bugs without having to worry about pressing the wrong button and needing the administrators to clean up.
WarpIN (WPI)
This is the official bugtracker for WarpIN, a generic installer for OS/2. See [] for details about WarpIN.
xTracker (TRK)
This shows the bugs for the xTracker itself.
XWorkplace (XWP)
This is the official bugtracker for XWorkplace, the most advanced open-source Workplace Shell enhancer available. See [] for details about XWorkplace.